About us

ReSoLVE (Research on SOlar Long-term Variability and Effects) is a Center of Excellence established in 2014 and funded by the Academy of Finland. We are a group of 5 research teams from University of Oulu, and Aalto University focused on studying the long-term solar variability and its effects in near-Earth space, atmosphere and climate.

University of Oulu

  • Kalevi Mursula, Professor, leader of HELIOS team, director of ReSoLVE
  • Ilya Usoskin, Professor, leader of COSMIC team, vice-director of ReSoLVE
  • Timo Asikainen, Docent, Academy research fellow, leader of ENERGETIC team
  • Ilpo Virtanen, PostDoc, ReSoLVE coordinator
  • Alexander Mishev, PostDoc
  • Liyun Zhang, PostDoc
  • Stepan Poluianov, PostDoc
  • Ville Maliniemi, PostDoct
  • Lauri Holappa, PostDoct (visiting postdoctoral researcher at NASA Goddard space flight center)

  • Tibebu Getachew, PhD student
  • Amr Hamada, PhD student
  • Jennimari Koskela, PhD student
  • Iiro Virtanen, PhD student
  • Pauli Väisänen, PhD student
  • Antti Salminen, PhD student

  • Ismo Tähtinen, M.Sc. student
  • Timo Qvick, M.Sc. student
  • Miro Ruopsa, M.Sc. Student
  • Jaakko Astikainen, B.Sc. student
  • Elina Heikkinen, B.Sc. student
  • Niina Mäkinen, B.Sc. student

Aalto University